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In modern business, nothing beats timely information. Timely, accurate information. Credit reporting is now your most critical tool for evaluating new business. That's precisely why Cristal Credit International deploys a world-wide network to cull through financial data and single out the exact answers you need, right now. Is this prospect viable? What is their track record? What is their reputation? With our extensive network of agents, we have our eyes and ears on the ground in every financial center from Toronto to Buenos Aires.

CRISTAL CREDIT : The Intelligent Service.

Risk and ruse are not often obvious and any sound decision is founded on your understanding of the situation and the parties involved. Performing a Due Diligence protocol is the careful and straightforward beginning to any relationship, offering peace of mind and a measure of protection against potential problems. Our Due Diligence process is relevant to virtually all types of business relationships:
  • Sales Agents or Consultants
  • Joint Ventures
  • Strategic Partners
  • Vendor Verification
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Risk Assessment
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Corporate and Principals: conflicts of interest
  • Distributors Personnel: previous employment, personnel file update, executive backgrounds, promotions, etc
Cristal Credit : The specialists for tracing assets and bank investigation as well as determining the verification and details of offshore businesses, shell companies, multi-level companies and other schemes.

Fast answers support fast decisions. Sell now, not later. Deploy this week, not next month. With the certainty our timely precision brings you, you can now act quickly and leave other, less informed competitors behind knowing you can count on immediate action on your credit inquiries. You move fast, we move fast. That's why we act within the hour of receiving your request, delivering solid, verified, accurate and actionable assessments far faster than any other available service, all within 5 days for any inquiry anywhere between CANADA to ARGENTINA!
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© Copyright 2021 Cristal Credit International.
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